Video example

Resize your browser window to see how video fits exactly device width in a fluid way.

Responsive elements

With Responsivizer you can make easily responsive all HTML Joomla! contents with fixed dimensions.

It's enough add a css class to get it done! Also if this image has fixed width, now it fits exactly the screen size!


This works also for old HTML elements, for example tables with fixed size.

Table now fits exactly screen size at all resolutions.

Title Title 2 Title 3
Title Title 2 Title 3
Title Title 2 Title 3

Access to demo area

You can login with these credentials to Responsivizer administration demo area:

  • Username: demouser
  • Password: demouser

Access this site with a mobile device to see Responsivizer in action!

You will also have access to Joomla! backend to see control panel settings and configuration.

Once logged you will find Responsivizer in menu components list.